Dropbox Now Automatically Stores Screen Captures

Already using Dropbox to auto-backup pictures, and figure you'd like to do that with screen captures as well? A new option in the Windows and Mac Dropbox clients adds those options.

If you have the latest Dropbox installed and you take a screenshot, you'll be asked if you want to automatically store it (and all subsequent shots) in your Dropbox. If you use Ctrl-PrtSc to take a screen capture in Windows, you'll also have the URL for the image automatically copied to the clipbard, ready for sharing.

We're pleased that this is an option you can elect to turn off, either by not activating it when it's first offered or by deactivating it under import preferences. Automatic screen capture systems are potentially useful, but a nuisance if you don't realise. Mac OS X automatically saves screen captures made with Command-Shift-3 and Command-Shift-4 to the desktop, which can quickly lead to clutter; Windows 8 has a similar option if you use Windows-PrtSc rather than just PrtSc.

Save your screenshots in Dropbox [Dropbox Blog]


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