Intermission Pauses And Rewinds Live Audio On Your Mac

Intermission Pauses and Rewinds Live Audio on Your Mac

Mc: Ever find yourself listening to internet radio or a live stream of some kind, missing a moment and wanting to go back? Intermission solves that problem by adding pause and rewind controls to the audio on your Mac.

Think of it as DVR functionality for your Mac's audio stream. Regardless of what you have playing, it will allow you to travel through time back to a moment you missed or pause it. It lives in your menu bar and stays out of your way until you need it. You can always access functions from the menu item itself, but Intermission allows you to program shortcuts so you can pause, remind, and jump forward without the use of your mouse.

While a great it app, it comes in at a whopping $US15. That's a lot for such a tiny little utility. Nevertheless, no other software offers this specific functionality. (We're probably going to wait until it shows up in a bundle.)

Intermission ($US15, Free Trial) [Rogue Amoeba Software via One Thing Well]


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