Clip Pegs To Wire Clothes Hangers To Hang Trousers Properly

Clip Clothespins to Wire Clothes Hangers to Hold Pants and More

Need to hang up some clothes that won't rest properly on a normal clothes hanger, clipping on a few clothespins can get the job done.

If you don't fancy springing for purpose-made pants hangers, this is an easy upgrade for a basic wire hanger. Just clip a few pegs onto the bottom wire so it goes through the hole, and then clip on the garments. It's incredibly obvious in hindsight, but the thought had never occurred to me before.

It's perfect for wrinkle-prone pants, tank tops, dresses and skirts. Check out the source link for some more great uses for the ever-versatile peg.

12 Handy Uses for Clothespins [WonderHowTo]


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