Yahoo Weather Finally Brings Its New, Beautiful Interface To Android

Yahoo Weather Finally Brings Its New, Beautiful Interface to Android

Android: Yahoo Weather was already a very pretty weather app. But now Android users can enjoy the even better interface and more detailed weather data iOS users have been enjoying.

The latest update offers: 10-day and 24-hour temperature forecasts; new radar, satellite, heat and wind maps; new home screen widgets; animated wind and pressure as well as sunrise and sunset times. One particularly genius update: the Flickr photos now match not just the current location but also the time of day and weather condition.

Head over to Google Play to download the app or update it on your Android device.

Yahoo! Weather [Google Play via The Next Web]


    Unfortunately it's still Yahoo weather, not Bureau of Meteorology weather, which means it'll likely be pretty inaccurate.

    Localisation is limited to Celsius, it still shows our current season as Fall.....geeze that gets my goat ! It is bloody AUTUMN !!!!!!!

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