Yahoo Weather For iOS May Be The Most Beautiful Weather App Yet

Yahoo has released a new weather app for iOS with an interface that puts other weather apps to shame. It's easy to use, filled with information and as gorgeous as they come.

Say what you want about Yahoo, but sometimes they nail it. The new weather app uses Flickr to find photos of your current city with its current conditions to display the weather on its home page, with a big temperature indicator for quick-glance weather. Scroll down and you'll see everything else you could possibly want to know: the daily forecast, the weekly forecast, an expandable radar map, wind and pressure, and even information on sunrise, sunset and the moon phases.

Plus, the whole thing is so easy to navigate that your chihuahua could do it, which is more than we can say for a lot of weather apps. It may not be as feature-filled as our current pick for best weather app on iOS, but it's completely free and more than most people will need in their arsenal. Hit the link below to check it out.

Yahoo! Weather [iTunes App Store via Cult of Mac]


    Shame that for OZ Yahoo weather is never correct!

      Came here to say the exact same thing!

    Never once been the same as BOM.

    Agree with all. Yahoo weather makes you question if they are talking about the same city as you are standing in...

    Pretty is fine, but not as a distraction from accuracy. We're spoilt with BOM's service in Australia for how thorough and accurate it is, and a pretty app is only pretty for the first 5 minutes.

    Maybe it's just me, but all I care about is the day's forecast and possibly week to use in planning activities. If you rely on your phone to tell you what the wether is now, and require someone else's Flickr photos to show you what it looks like, you are either in jail and shouldn't have an iPhone, or you *really* should make an effort to go outside more often rather than trying to experience the world vicariously through a 4" screen.

    And I thought it was all about looks and not about substance?

    Yep, we needed another weather app.
    Seems to be a Trojan to get other Yahoo! Apps onto your device, like we needed Yahoo! For anything.
    In any case it's borked on my iPad, freezes then quits.

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