Why Australian IT Pro Salaries Are Rising

Having trouble convincing your boss to give you a pay rise? That might well be because IT pro salaries are the fastest-growing area when it comes to technology expenditure.

A survey of 250 Australian and New Zealand IT executives by Forrester Research suggests that 54 per cent expect expenditure on staffing to rise by more than 10 per cent. The main drivers for that change? While lower-level roles are often being trimmed as companies move to use more cloud services, high-level skills are still needed.

The data also suggests that the use of contractors is shrinking:

In the early 2000’s we saw the use of high cost contractors in senior positions such as architects, project and program managers, strategists etc. Organisations are now increasingly likely to contract out lower paid positions and retain higher paid positions in preference. This is largely a response to the recognition that high value contractors can potentially put organisations at risk with the loss of capability when they leave. This is particularly true where there is very little knowledge transfer or capability building, with consultants focused only on “getting things done” and then departing.

Something to consider if you’re in a contracting gig, though again higher-paid roles are seeing increases.

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