We're All Still Panicking About Data Compliance

Struggling to work out if compliance issues are a problem for your business data? You're not alone. A study of 150 Australian organisations by research firm Longhaus suggests more than two-thirds of them have compliance as a key goal for the next 24 months. That should be a fun couple of years, shouldn't it?

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Panic about compliance isn't always logical; as we've noted before, many businesses insist there's a legal requirement for their data to remain onshore even though that varies hugely depending on the nature of your business.

Clearly there's work to be done though. Another finding from the study, which was sponsored by Hitachi Data Systems and Frontline Systems, was that 45 per cent of organisations have inconsistent workflows for privacy and data collection.

"Reducing legal and compliance risk, ensuring data sovereignty and driving better information, insight and capability to act were consistently nominated as key drivers of IT expenditure in 2013 and beyond," Longhaus MD Peter Carr said in a statement announcing the release. As we said: sounds like fun times ahead.


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