This Muppet Video Reminds You That Blu-ray Really Can Be Better

Sometimes when you're repurchasing a cherished movie on Blu-ray which you have previously owned on DVD and which your parents once taped for you off the TV, you wonder whether it's worth the investment. This video — showing the picture quality differences for the recently-issued Blu-ray of 1979 classic The Muppet Movie — shows us that there really can be benefits in upgrading.

To be clear, the improvements have just as much to do with how the movie has been remastered as the Blu-ray format itself; there are plenty of lazy format conversions where there are no obvious benefits to switching from DVD. Nonetheless, it's a reminder that even with a 34-year-old movie, improvements in picture quality are possible with care and attention to detail.


    The only real problem with Blu-ray is that they keep changing the format. So legitimate users have to keep upgrading the firmware of their Blu-ray player.
    All in the name of so-called pirate protection - which does not work.
    All it does is upset people who buy Blu-ray disks.

      you have to keep upgrading? really? i dont know where you get bluray players, but both of mine havent needed to be upgraded at all, and none of my friends have experienced this problem, so i dont know about that dude

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