This Video Checks How 'Old' Your Hearing Is

Although hearing loss is pretty easy to prevent, most of us don't bother actually getting our hearing tested that often. If you're curious about how your hearing is doing, the folks over at AsapSCIENCE have put together a quick test you can administer yourself with nothing but a pair of headphones.

To do the test, put on a pair of decent headphones and change the video quality to 1080p. After the test is over, you'll get an explanation of why your hearing degenerates, and what types of sounds you can expect to lose over time. If your hearing seems bad already, it might be time for a visit to the doctor and a referral to an audiologist.

How Old Are Your Ears? [YouTube]


    :( Guess I am dead. Can't hear any of them.

      Did you watch the video in 1080p.
      Youtube compresses the audio. Due to science, high frequencies are the first to go.

    16,000 on crappy earbuds. My hearing is in line with average for my age according to this. I think that bodes well.

    8k, 12k and 15k were a high pitched buzzing... after that it turned to clicking and I could hear all of them. Is that normal?

    I'm 25 and could hear all the way up till 18k,19k turns to beeping but the video mentions 19k is screwed up by youtube

    I'm 30 and I could hear 18k when playing the video in 1080p HD. Guess my hearing is not as bad as I thought :)

    17k and I'm using some decent headphones with an external DAC so I can't blame the equipment. I'm over 30 though so I guess that's ok. It makes me realise what a waste it is worrying whether headphones go up to 20k or 23k though :p,

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