Learnable.com Offering Free Programming Courses For Students

We're all for youngsters learning to code, so we like this: Learnable.com is funding an initiative to help teach 10,000 students how to program.

Online training platform Learnable.com has pledged to provide training over the next three years to help interested kids learn coding skills, to a value of $10 million (relative to its normal charges).

Courses on offer include HTML5, Ruby, WordPress, CSS3, JavaScript and Drupal. To qualify, you need a .edu.au email address. Hit the link to learn more and sign up.



    Gee that's handy. Because there aren't nearly enough entirely free programming resources on the internet yet.. They should perhaps consider naming it 'Needless.com' instead.

    Be careful with sitepoint.com and learnable.com (they are the same owners). What look like one-time-only fees for a download often contain a "subscription free trial" you didn't notice, that ends up as a $30 USA dollars a month recurring charge. Forever. Cancelling is not easy. Beware.

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