Big Brother Reminds Us: You Don’t Have To Store Every Piece Of Data

Hard disk storage is so cheap these days we often act as if size doesn’t matter, but just because you could potentially store everything doesn’t mean you should. I’ve been reminded of this lesson today by a most unlikely source: TV reality show Big Brother.

Picture: Big Brother/Channel Nine

In a backstage tour of the BB house (something I did myself a decade or so back), TV Tonight notes that while every housemate movement is captured digitally, not all that footage is kept permanently:

There’s so much vision captured across the series from so many cameras that not all of it is kept. I’m not sure there’s enough hard drives on the Gold Coast to store it all. But all audio is kept for referencing.

It seems reasonable to presume that the demand for footage of sleeping non-entities will be low in the foreseeable future, though it’s always dangerous to predict the programming strategies of TV stations. The lesson for IT pros is that you don’t have to keep everything, but you do need a strategy and a rationale for what you do keep, and it helps to index and track content rather than simply dumping it into storage.

Behind the scenes at Big Brother eviction night [TV Tonight]


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