Telstra 4G: 85 Per Cent Coverage By December 2013

Telstra 4G: 85 Per Cent Coverage By December 2013

Telstra is planning to expand 4G coverage to 200 new regional towns before Christmas, a move it says will give it 85 per cent population coverage for Australia. Check out 45 of the new towns receiving access on our interactive map.

Making that expansion, announced at a media briefing today, will require Telstra to add another 1500 4G base stations. It already operates 2000. Future expansion will be with 4G rather than 3G equipment, although Telstra has no plans to switch the 3G network off.

Telstra says it won’t announce all 200 of the towns until regulatory approvals have been received. We’ve mapped the 45 that were announced on the searchable map below. (4G coverage already exists in all capital cities and in 100 regional towns; those aren’t included on the map below.)


  • My local Telstra tower isn’t shown in the above map, but a quick search of “Radio Frequency National Site Archive” at shows a new ‘Environmental EME Report’ was uploaded in the past month, with the change being that it has ‘Proposed Telstra LTE1800’ section 🙂

    • I had a look at my town on RFNSA and it seems that only Vodafone are proposing LTE coverage, damn.

  • Hopefully they provide 4G to my “regional town” of Point Cook, less than 20 kms from the melbourne CBD and one of the fastest growing area’s in the country. Heck, we would be happy with phone coverage that worked indoors let alone data!

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