Issues To Check For When Migrating Apps To The Cloud

Cloud-resident apps have many advantages, but shifting existing applications to the cloud and making them work with multiple tenants requires more than just shifting the server into a cloud environment. Here are some issues to watch out for.

Cloud computing picture from Shutterstock

This topic came up during a recent media briefing on Azure apps with Rocky Heckman, technical evangelist for Microsoft Australia. Heckman highlighted three key issues to watch out for:

  • Customer data needs to be entirely separate from the app infrastructure. “The chances are the customer has a system with one database the whole product pushes into,” Heckman noted.
  • Examine database infrastructure carefully. “The biggest hurdle for data separation by far is the need for different tables.”
  • Check for branding within the app. “With SAP or SharePoint, there’s corporate branding involved and it’s often hard-coded.”

Worth bearing in mind if you’re migrating apps.