Do You Work From Home?

Working from home has become much more common in the past several years, whether you work remotely for a boss or run your own business. Do you work from home?

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As an employee, whether you are allowed to work from home full- or part-time is usually up to your boss, and we've talked about ways you might convince your boss to let you give it a try. If you're already working from home, you know there are challenges, including staying motivated and setting boundaries. So, how about you?


    Worked from home for thirteen years... what do you want to know?

      Me and my wife are planning to move to Perth from Brazil. Here is very rare someone work at home ( I do work ). How is the australian marketing in this issue?

      Basically I work as manager of my own business. My work is about 3 miles from my house, and I work with:

      - Email and Phone for Negotiations

      - Remote Desktop, for IT services

      - Spark + Openfire for Chat with crew

      - ERP system ( A brazilian version like SAP )

      - I just go there if something is VERY wrong, works perfectly.

      I can still study at home, workout in the morning. It is perfect and my productivity is very high with GTD and Pomodoro Technics.


    Work from home full time. Love it. Except for school holidays. Right now I have a child watching GI Joe on another computer in my office.
    And I'm surfing Lifehacker in one of my mini breaks, you know, to keep me productive? :)

    Been working full time from home for 5.5 years now.
    I moved from the city to a regional area 2.5 hrs away when I started working from home.

    I got made redundant from that job in January 2013, which given my regional location and lack of suitable local jobs was concerning, but fortunate to pick up a new working from home job in May 2013.

    Work full time from home, freelance web developer / run my own firm.

    Love it, wouldn't have it any other way.

    I shall be working from home in one month's time. After a 13 year career in the APS it's time to make a change. I will be working as an Interenet Assessor for Lionbridge and doing some other freelance work.

    once very 1-2 months, usually when i dont feel 80%, and i already had everything i can do for the day without being in the office all planned out

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