State Of Origin: Quick Replays On Your iPhone

The second State of Origin rugby league match is on tonight, and once again viewers will have to put up with the complete absence of any HD broadcast because Nine doesn't want the extra expense. One minor sop? The quick replay feature in Nine's Jump-In interactive app, which only worked on iPad for the first Origin match this year, now works for iPhone users as well.

Picture: Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images

TV Tonight reports that the replay feature, which allows viewing of replays from up to 16 different camera angles, has now been retooled to work on iPhones in addition to iPads. It's no substitute for actual HD and no good news at all for Android owners (a web-based version is promised for 2014). However, when it comes to sports broadcasts, you have to put up with what you can get, it seems.

Nine gets the Jump-in on State of Origin [TV Tonight]


    No Android, and even more ridiculously no web version, makes this service sucky sucky!

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