Download The Windows 8.1 Preview Now

Download The Windows 8.1 Preview Now

Microsoft is showing off all the new features of Windows 8.1 today, but curious users can download the 8.1 Preview right now. Here’s what you need to know.

The preview is currently only available as an update installer, but Microsoft says that an ISO version will be available within the next day.

Note that if you upgrade to the preview now, you’ll have to reinstall all your apps — both Modern apps and desktop apps — when you upgrade from the preview to the final version. So, we recommend downloading the ISO and installing it in a virtual machine or a separate partition to try it out. Hit the link below to check it out.

Download Windows 8.1 Preview [Microsoft]


  • Download is for RT version of W8, not regular version, even the “TechNet Flash” email directs to the RT version.

    • The link should download the appropriate version. But as heytom mentions, whichever version of Windows you installed, if it wasn’t set to EN-US the Preview cannot be installed.
      You can change regional/language etc settings as much as you like, but if the base UI install wasn’t EN-US you’ll just get told the Preview isn’t “available”.
      Yay Microsoft!

  • It’s the correct file, but unless you chose “English (US)” when you installed Windows, you won’t be able to install this preview. Simply changing the system language and language pack does not seem to be sufficient.

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