Braintree Launches 'Developer-Friendly' Web Payments Service In Australia

If you want to add credit card payment options to a web site or mobile app, eBay-owned PayPal is the dominant choice, but not the only one. Rival payment service Braintree has officially launched in Australia, promising easier integration and no need to sign in via a separate site.  

Braintree may already be familiar as it's used by a number of well-known services, including AirBnB, 99 Designs  and Uber. 

"For the web, we offer seven different APIs," Braintree GM for international and payment strategy Klas Bäck told Lifehacker.  "For mobile, we provide 3 different SDKs to support iOS, Android and Windows. "

One area where Braintree is indistinguishable from PayPal? Its Australian fees are identical: 30 cents plus 2.4 per cent of the transaction value.


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