Briefly: 17 Best Burgers, Slow-Mo Tasering, Post-Workout No-Nos

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers including: the 17 most delicious burgers known to mankind, slow-motion video captures people's faces as they get hit with tasers, Lara Bingle sunbathes in the buff.

  • Braintree's SDK is now available in Australia, allowing startups, SMBs and ecommerce businesses to integrate both Braintree and Paypal into their websites and mobile apps. Head to the official Braintree blog to find out more.
  • What happens when a voice changer makes you sound female in Counter-Strike: GO? Kotaku investigates. (NSFW, natch.)
  • In other NSFW news, Aussie model Lara Bingle has been spotted sunbathing nude in Hawaii. PopSugar Australia has the story.
  • And for our female/gay/vampire viewers, here's a GIF of Nordic heartthrob Eric Northman from True Blood rocking out like a superstar.
  • Microsoft has knocked $130 off the price of its Surface 2 Windows RT tablets in Australia. For more online bargains, head to our Hump Day Deals page.
  • Feeling like you hit the gym pretty regularly but aren't seeing results? Here are six post-workout mistakes that may be sabotaging your weight-loss results.
  • If you didn't get enough burger action from our National Burger Day post, here are Gizmodo's picks for the most delicious burgers ever created by mankind.
  • Photographer Patrick Hall took a series of portraits of people getting hit with a 300,000-volt taser. He also made a super-slow-motion video of the process for our enjoyment.
  • Looking for a good science story? Meet the man who grew eyes from scratch.
  • Is your child spoiled? Here are 10 signs that your sprog could do with a bit less indulgence.


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