What Is Australia’s Favourite Takeaway Food?

When you grab a takeaway meal for dinner, what’s your usual go-to cuisine? According to a new study, Chinese food remains the #1 takeway choice nationwide. However, each state has its own particular favourites, with Thai, Italian and US fast food chains topping the list in certain parts of Australia. Read on to find out if your food preferences fall in line with your state.

In a bid to discover Australia’s favourite takeaway cuisine, researchers from the Commonwealth Bank of Australia analysed CommBank transactional data for all takeaway purchases between 2008 and 2012. It then combined its data with anecdotal evidence from a national survey comprising 1,026 Australians in capital and non-capital city areas.

According to the report’s findings, Australia’s favourite takeaway dinner is Chinese, followed by Italian (i.e. — pizza) and Thai. Interestingly, the most popular takeaway food type varied significantly from state to state.

Here’s a breakdown of the most popular takeaway choice in each region (Canberra and the Northern Territory were not included in the study):

  • NSW: Thai (22%)
  • Victoria: Italian (17%)
  • South Australia: American fast-food (39%)
  • Western Australians: Chinese (32%)
  • Queensland: Chinese (28%)

The report also found that people in Victoria and NSW are the most prolific takeaway eaters with an average per-person spend of $81 and $79 per week, respectively. South Australians were the lowest spenders, purchasing an average of $49 worth of takeaway per week.

It’s worth noting that the above results aren’t entirely conclusive: only CBA bank transactions were collated and the survey amounts to roughly 200 participants per state. Nonetheless, it would appear that a significant proportion of the country still prefers the old-and-trusted staple of Chinese when it comes to takeaway dining.

What type of takeaway food do you purchase most? Is the decision mainly motivated by taste or price? Let us know in the comments section below.

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