Keep Track Of Delicate Laundry Items With A Dry-Erase Marker

Not all laundry is created equal. Some clothes need to be hung to dry, while others go in a separate cycle. Keep track of which "special" items are in the wash with a dry-erase marker.

Just mark which items are in that load on top of the washer, and you'll never throw them in the dryer by accident with the rest of the load.

Dry Erase Marker on the Washer [My Home Lookbook via BuzzFeed]


    Ahh, the old bluish-green iPhone camera spot, how I hate thee.

    How about if you see them once they are washed and decide before putting them in the drayer, rather than deciding before you wash them and writing it down and having to clean the label afterwards.. Also my washing machine is dark-grey ;)

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