Hack An IKEA Shelf Into A Stylish Rabbit Hutch

Hack An IKEA Shelf Into A Stylish Rabbit Hutch

A good quality rabbit hutch can set you back as much as $500 — or you could hack a $190 IKEA shelf unit to serve the same purpose. The result is a highly elegant bunny home that will fit in nicely with the rest of your décor.

Armed with an IKEA Besta shelf unit, MDF board and some mesh wire, you can build a rabbit hutch fit for the rabbit god Lord Frith.

Evelien Lulofs at IKEA Hackers provides the details:

I made an opening between the two cabinets and finished the hole with some wood slats. To make wire doors I made an MDF board frame with a slit to fasten the wire. The body of the inside needs to be waterproof, so I made it from some mosaic tiles. Bunny like to lie soft, so I’ve put a nice soft mat inside the hutch.

Evelien’s instructions aren’t particularly detailed, especially if you’re a woodwork newbie (in fact, your bunny would probably have a better chance building the hutch than you do). Thankfully, the Dutch rabbit-lover has drawn up some plans which you can see to the left (click to enlarge). She has also provided some photos to guide you through the steps. Note that the bottom of the cage should be half mesh for the rabbit’s droppings to fall into so that it isn’t forced to sit in its own waste.[clear]

[Via IKEA Hackers]