CheapRiver Searches Amazon Around The Globe To Find The Cheapest Books

CheapRiver Searches Amazon Around The Globe To Find The Cheapest Books

Thinking of purchasing a book from Amazon? CheapRiver searches Amazon’s listings all over the world to find the lowest-priced books of your choice, shipping to the country of your choice included, so you can get the best deal.

CheapRiver functions like pretty much any search engine: you type in what you’re looking for and it offers results. As pictured above, those results come with their own price-comparison table so you can find the cheapest Amazon site for your book. Problems arise when a book has several editions or comes in a series. If you know which book you’re looking for specifically, however, you can simply search for its ISBN instead of its name and narrow things down.

For most purposes, Australians are still better off using Lifehacker favourite Booko, which includes Amazon and other local providers in its comparisons, ensuring you’ll always find the best price. However, if you’re plotting a visit to family overseas and contemplating some book orders, this could be useful.


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