Use A Water, Lemon, And Vodka Mixture To Comb Through Tangled Hair

If you're looking for an easy solution you can make at home to help comb through tangled hair, Tipnut reader Mildred suggests a mixture of water, lemons and vodka as an alternative. Here's how to put the mixture together.

Picture: Iromi Perera/Flickr

Peel and chop the lemons into chunks, then place them in two cups of boiling water. Simmer until about half the liquid is gone. Strain out the lemons and place the mixture in a spray bottle and add vodka. If you don't have any vodka laying around, rubbing alcohol will work just fine. It's used as a preservative, though even that will only keep the mixture fresh for about 2-3 weeks.

Know any other tricks that help untangle hair? Sound off in the comments.

Recipes For Hair Detangler, Styling Cream & More [TipNut]


    I cannot see how this would work. Lemon and vodka are both incredibly drying for hair. Just using water and a wide toothed comb would do the trick; but honestly, who doesn't have conditioner ?!

    Or just drink the vodka and stop caring?

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