Transform A Vintage Radio Into A Raspberry Pi-Powered Wi-Fi Jukebox

There are worse things you could do with a vintage radio than turn it into a fully functional internet jukebox that can stream from the web or play tracks from an SD card. That’s exactly what Dominic Buchstaller did when he found an old Greatz at a market.

Dominic Buchstaller scored the radio for €25 ($32), loved the look and the antique construction, and knew his wife was planning to run out and buy a bookshelf stereo, so he decided to rebuild it. Long story short, he packed a Raspberry Pi into the radio as its brains, gutted a pair of cheap Logitech speakers to replace the beat up drivers in the radio, and even snagged the optical sensor from an old mouse to monitor the dials (this way he could use the original dials for tuning in different internet radio stations and to control playback). He gives you the whole parts list at the bottom of the article linked below.

We’ve shown you some other creative uses for old radios, such as turning them into external speakers, and hiding a Wi-Fi repeater in them. This project is similar to building your own Squeezebox, so if you’re interested in giving it a try on your own, hit the link below for the full walkthrough and how-to guide.

The-Radio [via Hack a Day]


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