Publish Your App To Windows Store: Win Big, Get Ahead In Lifehacker And Microsoft's Developer Challenge

And round 5 is go! There's still plenty of time left. Register in our comp, and Microsoft Australia's dev gurus will help you publish any app idea you have to the Windows Store! One lucky dev will also be chosen to present their app at TechEd Australia 2013 on the Gold Coast. Speaking of fame and fortune, we're also giving away HP laptops every week. It's easy to get started. What better way to debut your app on the Windows Store and even port one over from Android or iOS.

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Registering Is Easy...

    As the prize for TechEd Australia 2013 is an over 18 prize, we will need to restrict the age of entrants.

Here's how the competition works: Simply register above then finish coding!

The cool part: We'll send you out a confirmation email and you'll be able to ask Microsoft questions and get helpful input from Microsoft app gurus Lachlan Hardy and Nick Hodge!

There will be six rounds for entries (we're now in round 5) and we’ll be selecting a finalist for each round based on app potential, design, uniqueness of idea, and audience appeal.

Your entry can be a new app idea, or as mentioned, ported from another platform such as Android or iOS.

However, it must be the first time the submitted app has been published to Windows Store.

The good news: You can submit as many apps as you like! Full terms and conditions here.

Patrick Klug On Simplicity And Quality

Patrick Klug is co-founder, director and coder at Brisbane-based Greenheart Games, the indie studio behind Game Dev Tycoon. His game has been at the top of paid lists on the Windows Store in several countries. “It’s great to see a paid game can have success as well, not just free ones,” says Klug. “Microsoft really makes it clear and easy to publish to every country."
"Don’t focus on so many features that you can’t get them all right. Remember the importance of quality – and that the polish (that last 10% of effort) – is often the part that really makes the game fun to play."
To that end: "The biggest advantage to Windows Store development for us was the tooling – Visual Studio debugging is absolutely fantastic for HTML games, and for C# it’s even better."
Success begins with your first submission! Learn more about promoting and managing a successful Windows 8 Store app.

7 Great Tips for Sumitting Windows Store Apps

1. If you haven’t already done so, then register on Windows Store now. If appropriate, personal registrations are easier with less verification needed than a company registration.
2. Keep initial feature set simple and quality high, especially if this is your first app; you can always add additional features in future updates.
3. Read this "Preparing your App for Store Submission"
4. Ensure you have installed the latest Windows App Certification Kit (WACK) and other SDKs from Windows Software Development Kit (SDK) for Windows 8.
5. Ensure you run the "Windows App Certification Kit" tool before submitting your app to the Store.
6. Read the Windows App Store Guide. And read the "Avoiding common certification failures"
7. Allow time for you app to go through the App certification process. May take 5 to 7 working days.

Check Out These Great Prizes!

The finalist from each round will win an awesome HP ENVY X2 convertible ultrabook valued at $999 RRP and an $80 RRP Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse. One runner-up in each round will also receive an Xbox 360 4GB Kinect bundle (worth $300 RRP), an Arc Touch Mouse, plus a Microsoft Wedge Mobile keyboard valued at $100 RRP .

Note: The finalist from each round moves into final judging for the major prize; the runner-up does not.

The major prize: is a trip to TechEd Australia 2013, including the opportunity to present the winning app! We're talking conference ticket, accommodation for 5 nights, and airfare (economy) up to the combined value of $4000! Not bad, right?

Judging & Rules

Judging each round's entries will be Lifehacker's Chris Jager and Microsoft Australia app guru Lachlan Hardy. The major prize will be judged by a panel including Lachlan, Lifehacker editor Angus Kidman, in addition to Vaughan Knight from Nokia, Shane Morris from Automatic Studios and Tom Frazier from HotHouse Interactive. The app must still be in the store to be judged on popularity, downloads, design, and innovation.

Your entry can be a new app idea, or as mentioned, ported from another platform such as Android or iOS.

However, it must be the first time the submitted app has been published to Windows Store.

The good news: You can submit as many apps you like! Full terms and conditions here.

Entry Deadlines

Round 5 — NO theme — submit any app you like!: 9:30am AEDT Tuesday 30 April to 11.59pm AEDT Thursday 9 May.

Helpful Online Resources

LaLaNinja Developer Community:

Windows 8:

Windows Phone:


Virtual #Appfest If you’re still looking for help to get an app finished and into the store for publication, then check out Virtual #Appfest for an extra helping hand. It's a two-hour open virtual session, that allows you to ask all the questions you want to ask, leap any coding hurdles, and get your app published.

The Virtual #Appfest will be a weekly event, so check LaLaNinja for scheduling. The first event on Tuesday 12 March will be led by Nick Hodge, and will feature two platforms in two hours.


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