Hack Old CD Stands Into Spice Racks

Proudly displaying your music CDs has become a bit of a social faux pas in today's digital world — it's akin to rocking a Sony Walkman in public without any irony. However, instead of tossing your CD towers in the trash, you might want to convert these obsolete monuments into something you can actually use. Enter the CD Tower Spice Rack...

To make her spice rack, Clare from IKEA Hackers combined an IKEA Hackas cd tower with large tobacco tins, although you should be able to get similar results with almost any wooden CD rack.

Here are Clare's instructions in full:

  1. Section each side of the bent ply wood tower appropriate to the height of the wall you intend to mount it on.
  2. Remove every other rung on the tower section.
  3. Mount onto wall.
  4. Apply printed labels to your tins. Use standard address labels, printing the name of the spice on both horizontally (which will display on the top of the tin) and vertically (which you'll fold over the edge so you can read easily once in the rack) and slit so the lid can be removed completely.
  5. Slot the tins on the rungs. The same principal of the curvature of the ply supports the tins as supported the CDs.
  6. Et voila! No more struggling to get a table spoon into the narrow neck of a spice jar or rummaging at the backs of cupboards. Everything nice and uniform and all at hand!

Obsolete CD rack to useful spice storage [IKEA Hackers]


    I find it ironic that this guide includes things like.. putting labels on within it's miraculous 6 steps.. But seems to have omitted many actual steps such as:

    > Find tins that fit perfectly in the space of a cd.

    Good idea for keeping it all off benches I guess, but not really better than some 3M command hooks and a small basketshelf or two with clear containers (no labels required :P)

    Last edited 23/04/13 8:52 pm

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