Circuit Playground Teaches Kids About Electronics

Electronics site Adafruit has released the first episode of its new web series, Circuit Playground. The series is dedicated to teaching kids about electronics with short, entertaining segments.

Much like its comic book, the point of Circuit Playground is to get kids interested in making electronics by keeping things simple and fun. The first episode covers amperes, the unit of measurement for electric current through a circuit.

Circuit Playground keeps things simple. If you have kids interested in learning about the basics of electronics, it's a great place to start. No word on exactly how often the episodes will get a release, but you can subscribe over on Adafruit's YouTube channel.

"A is for Ampere" - Circuit Playground Episode 1 [YouTube]


    from the intro alone, with that visual art, I think a beautiful and educational mobile game could be made. Copyright Simon Curran!!!!! :P

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