Five Best Desktop Search Applications

Five Best Desktop Search Applications

Whether you have the files on your computer neatly organised or they’re all over the place, a good desktop search utility makes finding the file you need when you need it a super-simple proposal. All of the major operating systems have built-in search sustems, but there’s usually a better option out there that’s faster, has more accurate results, or offers other useful features. This week we’re looking at five of the best, based on your nominations.

Everything (Windows)

Alfred (Mac)

Alfred Powerpack

Quicksilver (Mac)

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Launchy (WindowsMac/Linux)

favorite application launcher for Windows
why you should be using an app launcher

Windows Search (Windows)

we’ve shown you how to make Windows Search much more powerful

Honourable mentions this week go out to Google Desktop Search. Although this was discontinued in 2011, many of you still use and love even though Google doesn’t officially make it available for download, and isn’t offering security fixes, patches or updates for it. There are various installers floating about the web if you’re still interested in trying it (or still have it installed), and it really is a great desktop search tool, but getting it to work with current OSes can be challenging. Still, if you have it and it works for you, enjoy it!

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  • I really wish Google Desktop for Windows wasn’t deprecated… I still use it, but no enhancements. Still better than a lot of apps out there. Alfred for Mac is fairly slick too.

  • There is simply nothing as quick, useful and essential as Everything.
    It doesn’t search inside files but I rarely need that anyway.
    But for finding things quickly even if you have only a vague idea of a file name, it is without peer.

    The best accessory/small program I have ever used!

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