Quicksilver For Mac Adds Performance Tweaks, Lion Support

Quicksilver For Mac Adds Performance Tweaks, Lion Support

Mac: Quicksilver is our favourite kauncher for the Mac, but it’s always been a little less than stellar when running on Lion. Now the team behind the open-source application launcher have optimised the app for OS X Lion, added official support for Apple’s latest OS, introduced auto-updating plugins, and more.One of the new Quicksilver’s biggest features is the fact that plug-ins can be set to automatically update whenever a new version is available. You won’t have to obsessively check the plug-ins page to see if your favourite or one that’s been acting up has been updated recently. The Quicksilver Airport module has also been updated and lets you toggle Airport and switch networks without crashing the way it used to, and the app has been given a slight visual overhaul to fit in with Lion.

The latest version of Quicksilver support Mac OS 10.6 and higher (Snow Leopard and Lion only), meaning Leopard users will have to update their OS to get the new features and bugfixes, or stick to the previous build. As always, Quicksilver is completely free. Are the new features and Lion support enough to make you update or give Quicksilver another try? Or perhaps you’ve jumped ship for a similar app like Alfred? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Quicksilver [via TechCrunch]


  • I absolutely LOVE Quicksilver, I installed it a little while ago (that being about 4 days) using your lifehacker tutorials, so I’ve always been running it on Lion but this new update is really good! I’ve noticed a dramatic performance increase!

    Although, some themes aren’t working. 🙁

  • Great to have an update from QS! Very nice. I dug around for a mac outlook 2011 plug-in with no luck. I had QS working great with my entourage 2004. Upgrading to office 2011 this year killed my ability to search my address book and launch emails with QS (much sadness). Apparently the plug-in is “in development”. Anyone know a workaround or have any inside scoop on when the plugin will be ready?

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