Quicksilver Releases Update, Improves Performance

Mac OS X only: Universal application launcher and then some Quicksilver has a pretty shaky future, so we were both surprised and thrilled to find a new release of Quicksilver boasting, among other things, improved performance.

Rather than simply bringing Quicksilver up to spec with Snow Leopard (like the last maintenance release), Quicksilver 1.0 Beta 57 actually comes complete with some fixes and improvements. For whatever reason, the release isn't currently available on the Quicksilver homepage, but the changelog on software download site MacUpdate lists a ton of changes, including claims of performance boosts:

Default compiler changed to Clang, Apple's and the Open Source community's next gen compiler. By doing that a 20 to 40% increase in runtime speed was gained while managing a catalog library with approx. 13k items. Quicksilver also feels a lot snappier too.

Not bad for an application that's not really in active development anymore (and whose creator is busy working on Chrome OS). I'll venture to say that the new build does feel a touch faster, but speed is always a tough call, so let's hear how the new release feels to you in the comments.

Quicksilver is a free, open-source download for Mac OS X only. If you're new to Quicksilver, check out our beginner's guide.

Quicksilver 1.0b57 [MacUpdate via Macworld]


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