Weird Embroidery Site Highlights Importance Of Proper Coding

An embroidery advice site so poorly coded that it resembles an infinite Star Wars credit scroll has become an unlikely internet meme. Laughter and surrealism aside, it serves as a reminder that even the most basic site needs checking.

The advice on the Sewing And Embroidery Warehouse Trouble Shooting Guide embroidery site is presumably accurate (if filled with spelling errors). Its momentary online fame rests not on its design (dated and basic as that is) but on the fact that it is coded with an endless series of unclosed <h3> tags, meaning the text becomes steadily larger and larger as the page progresses. The screengrab above doesn't do justice to its weirdness; Twitter user offers a neater summary:

The page reinforces two really basic coding and design principles: simple errors can have dramatic effects, and everything should be checked. One simple missing tag can ruin how a page renders; a whole page filled with incomplete tags gets messier still. Use validation tools, and ask a second pair of eyes to check what you've done.


    Oh god make it stop!

    Though, I really hate it when I bruise my cone!

    Your link links to this article.

    Brilliant coding, indeed!

    You guys obviously don't get it, the emphasis is deliberate - bruised cones are way more serious than bent needles, and things just get worse from there.

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