Predicter And TypeStatus Tells You When Someone Is Writing An iMessage To You

iOS (jailbroken): iMessage lets you see when someone is typing a message to you from within the app, but it doesn't show up anywhere else in iOS. If you want to track when someone is typing a message to you from outside of the iMessage app, TypeStatus and Predicter are jailbreak tweaks that do just that.

Both tweaks do things a little differently. TypeStatus shows a simple little message bubble icon in your status bar when it detects someone typing an iMessage. Predicter sends you an actual notification when the message starts. They're both handy in their own ways and can be useful when someone is typing a message to you a last-minute message as you're heading out the door.

TypeStatus (free) [Modmyi via Addictive Tips] Predicter (free) [Modmyi via Addictive Tips]


    I love jailbroken iPhone, but it crashes springboard so many times. Not sure why, was it becuase iphone ran out of memory or the tweaks are not done right.

    I got typestatus, intelligentscreenx, auxo,kamera,subtlelock, asistant enhancer,asistantlove,zephyr.

    They are great tweaks but every now and then it crashes the springboard...

    Can't find TypeStatus in Cydia. Any tips?

    Edit. fixed it: Changes > Refresh > try and search again.

    Last edited 27/02/13 1:52 pm

    I've installed both separately on iPhone 5 running 6.0.1 and neither work

      Typestatus works fine for me, iP5 iOS 6.1.0

      Last edited 27/02/13 2:56 pm

    Who in the world has any need for this software?

      Need? We have a need to be free to do whatever we desire to our phones. Discussing what one "needs" has no place in liberty-loving discourse.

      iPhone lover that like to be freed. Just want to make my iPhone free like my Nexus 4 :P

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