Identify Your 'Broken Windows' To Keep Bad Habits In Check

Common sense dictates that bad habits will eventually catch up to you. However, in a post for Psychology Today, Gretchen Rubin of The Happiness Project suggests that bad habits may also diminish your happiness. Her source? Police work.

Image: Eric Schmuttenmaer.

Rubin cites the "broken windows theory", which posits that a society that tolerates minor infractions like broken windows will make it more likely for people to commit serious crimes. Therefore, small signs of disorder in our lives -- clutter, chronically unmade beds, a lack of pride in one's appearance -- can negatively affect happiness.

Does fixing a broken window really matter? After all, in the context of a happy life, a pile of unsorted mail isn't a big deal. In themselves, perhaps, these broken windows don't matter much. But enforcing small signs of order make us feel more in control -- and happier.

We've spoken a lot about the benefits of decluttering, but fixing broken windows can extend into other areas of your life. Check out the link for more.

What Are Your "Broken Windows?" Here's a List of Mine [Psychology Today]


    Totally agree with this. It doesn't have to be big things at first, but eliminating your bad habits one by one can really lift you

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