DIY Acrylic Enclosure Displays Just About Anything In Your Home

Want to display some of your vintage gadgets around the house but don't want people trying to play with them? Make shows how to build your own acrylic display enclosure.

This will take a little more effort than your average project, but if you've got a workshop, it's definitely doable. You'll need some scrap wood, a Dremel, a saw, some vice grips, a heat gun, and a few geometry skills to build your gadget museum. Once you've finished making your enclosure you can put just about anything on proud display for your family and friends. This DIY project is should definitely be filed under "advanced", but the end product will make you almost as proud as that Apple Newton you still own.

Workshop Wednesday: How To Heat-Bend Acrylic Enclosures [Make]


    But where do you actually *buy* acrylic from? I've never been able to find the bloody stuff!

      I'm pretty sure I saw some at masters the other day. They had an area where they cut glass and there was some acrylic on the shelf next to it.

        Interesting I've not looked at Masters before. I've been pestering Bunnings for god knows how long to start stocking these kind of hobby materiels, but to no avail. I guess I'll have to take a trip to Masters to check them out.

      Just get out teh Yellow Pages! Look for plastic suppliers in your town. Shop fitters and sign makers are also potential sources.

      (edit.. great results for me just searching: adelaide plastics

      Last edited 25/02/13 11:47 am

        Those places are useless though, they're usually closed on weekends. I'm not doing this for a job, it would be a hobby, I need retail outlets, not wholesale/B2B outlets.

          I understand your pain, I need some for an arcade machine project I'm working on. I also work full time, so projects are weekends only. It never hurts however to get on the phone and call around.

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