The Steampunk Workspace

Today’s featured workspace is a wonderfully themed steampunk mod. Lifehacker reader Hifidelity2009 customised the keyboard and trackball mouse with copper-coloured fittings and also added appropriate accessories for this old-meets-new theme.

It looks like a very enjoyable space to work (or play). According to Hifidelity2009:

I’ve got typewriter keys on a razer mechanical keyboard and my little dot tube pre’s are being fed by a firestone 24/96 DAC. It’s consistent with the whole old meets new theme going on here. It’s driving a Mac Pro tower (which you don’t see) that serves as my homes media centre. It’s is super fun every time I get on to used it. Too bad most of the time I Remote Desktop into it from my laptop. 🙂

Even more impressive is this is only the second mod he’s ever done. The monitor will be sporting copper-toned accents as well. You can see more of this retro desktop and its customisation progress on Flickr.

Retro Desktop [Flickr]


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