'Not Adding Value Is The Same As Taking It Away'

It's easy to assume that just showing up and doing what's required of you doesn't impact those you work with. Writer and entrepreneur Seth Godin has a different theory.

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On his blog, Godin notes that while you're not necessarily being negative, you aren't really adding value either — thereby squandering the potential progress that could have been made by someone who would. Don't be afraid to sound stupid either. Contribute!

The cost of neutral [Seth Godin's Blog via Swiss Miss]


    That holds true about tech products i buy as well, i like to buy gadgets on the promise of firmware enhancements (as long as the current firmware is good), if i don't get firmware updates i feel ripped off, especially if there are bugs/things that could easily be improved.

    So updating products after purchase is not necessarily value added, but the lack of it is value subtractive. Companies that release products like phones and don't update them are just shooting themselves in the foot, value added things like updates for post purchase gives incentive for that product purchase.

    One reason i like the iPhone is constant and universal updates (i just wish the iPhone4/4S/5 was half as good as the SGS3). BTW I do know that nexus phones get regularization updates of android (although not sure if the telco has anything to do with the updates or if its 100% google, so if porting is it effected), or one can root the phone and install custom firmware.

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