Feeder Is A Mini Google Reader That Sits In Your Chrome Toolbar

Chrome: The Feeder extension is a convenient tool for keeping tabs on your favourite sites. It offers a drop-down list with one-click access to the latest articles and notifications of new items in one compact window.

You can use Feeder as a complete Google Reader replacement or use it to keep track of just a few sites. Feeder syncs with your Google Reader account, and you can also add feeds individually. You can even connect your Gmail inbox, freeing up a tab in Chrome if you just want to know when you get new emails.

Features include the ability to star feeds, reorder them, open every unread post, and set notification times and how many posts to display.

It's a robust newsreader for Chrome, inspired by Firefox's Live Bookmarks. Check it out at the link below.

Feeder [via Digital Inspiration]


    Check out Feedbro - an excellent feed reader (RSS, Atom, RDF) to replace Google Reader. Works as a standalone Chrome extension! Very fast, feature rich & easy to use.

    Home page & link to Chrome Web Store at: http://nodetics.com/feedbro

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