Want A Good IT Job? Master Big Data

Maximising your earning potential in IT means developing the right skills. "Big data" — identifying trends from the masses of data that are created by everything we do online — remains a highly in-demand area, with Gartner suggesting that demand for those roles will far outstrip supply over the next few years.

"By 2015, 4.4 million IT jobs globally will be created to support big data," Gartner analyst Peter Sondergaard said at the official opening of the Gartner Symposium event on the Gold Coast today. Around 1 million of those will be in the Asia-Pacific region, he predicted.

That will also lead to an employment boom in non-technology jobs. "Every big data created job in this region will create employment for 3 people outside of IT," Sondergaard said.

Filling that boom will be difficult, however. "There is not enough talent in the industry," Sondergaard said. "Our public and private education systems are failing us. Therefore only one-third of the IT jobs will be filled. Data experts will be a scarce and valuable commodity."

That emphasis on big data chimes with other advice we've encountered. "The superstars over the next couple of years will be these DBAs with good modelling skills," Longhaus managing director Peter Carr predicted earlier this year.


    What type of study path qualifies you to be a person with superstar big-data modelling skills?

      The key skill areas you'd need:
      -data input (strong working knowledge of DBs - oracle, SQL, etc)
      -analysis tools (octave, matlab, R, whatever floats your boat and can output tables and graphs)
      -analysis knowledge (a degree in statistics would be great but you can probably get away with less)

      I love it when I get a chance to dive into the company database and start churning out reports of data that nobody realised could be useful. I'm surprised that they cant find people to do a job that fun.

        Are these types of things something that can be self-taught by someone with no programming experience, and very little scripting experience?

        It's an area that I've wanted to get into (Storage Management or DBA) but I really don't know where to start, and I'm not sure if I need to go back to study again to get a foothold.

    Learn python, do a machine learning course online. coursera had one that just ended.

    If you want to work with 'big data' you are best to get across the 'map-reduce' programming model. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MapReduce

    The current trend in processing large data sets is moving toward 'Hadoop' based systems.
    If you are looking for a good course to do, Cloudera is paving the way with courses in using CDH (Cloudera Apache Hadoop) http://www.cloudera.com/content/cloudera/en/home.html

    It's an amazing shift in processing large data sets. If you are interested I highly recommend getting some training and hitting up some of the larger financial institutions for new jobs as most are heading down this path.

    I appreciate the feedback guys. Never heard of Coursera before. Great site!

    This coursera talk is sounding awfully spammy.

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