MediaMonkey Beta For Android Launches With Wi-Fi Sync On Windows

Android: MediaMonkey, one of our favourite desktop music players, has released an early beta of its Android app. It's packed with all of the features you would expect for a mobile music player, including audio and video support, podcast support, category navigation and a car-friendly UI. It even supports Wi-Fi syncing if you use MediaMonkey for Windows.

The Android app is missing features like multi-directory support, but it's a solid music player that can only improve from here. The app already has a great UI that makes it easy to find tracks by genre, artist, album or track name. The UI also supports gestures, so you can use it without looking at the screen. If you sync with the desktop version of MediaMonkey, you get playlists, play counts, date added and all the other metadata the desktop app saves.

The MediaMonkey team chose to unveil the beta in their closed forums, but posted about it on Reddit to widen the audience a bit. Hit the link below for direct download links, as well as links to download the updated Windows client if you want it.

Mediamonkey for Android beta Released! Wireless Syncing, Play Count Syncing Etc. [Reddit via Android Police]


    with the new itunes i've left mediamonkey.
    I was really disappointed with MM, i started using it about 6 months ago, and while it's fine for playing music it fails at any "premium feature", such as ripping CD's. They strip too much out for the paid version, not that you can really blame them, btu i'll stick with itunes seeing as they;ve fixed their massive lag issues.

    Lets see if you need a premium account for this.

      Really? I have used both iTunes and MM (although not the latest versio of iTune). I haven't found anything that matches MM yet. Ripping CD's doesn't bother me as I still use CDeX. But for tag management MM is still the king of teh block IMO.

      Maybe iTune has caught up though..... Still, won't make me change from MM. Can even get a portable app version running!

      iTunes 11 is still laggy as all hell for me. The only improvement I've found is on my work computer. When iTunes 10 was launched and closed the first time on it, it wouldn't open again unless I either restart the computer or reinstall iTunes - massive pain in the ass. Whatever it is, iTunes 11 solved it but I still have all the lag issues I had before. I only use it when I need to, i.e. syncing etc (although Media Monkey can also sync iDevices).

      Music Bee has become my new favourite media program. Pretty much all the bells and whistles of Winamp but with a much tidier interface.

        In all honesty i havnet actually used itunes for listening to music yet (my speakers are currently unplugged and i cant be buggered pluggin them in.)
        But i have had a quick play around and it seems much more responsive. Hardly a scientific analysis though.

    I got rid of my iPhone for a Galaxy S3 this year, but actually still use iTunes because of Airplay - I have an Airport Express (music outside), and a Denon AVR (music living room) which has Airplay, and a few XBMC units (music other rooms) which also support it.

    I use an Android app (Itunes Remote with DJ Voting) to control the music from my phone. Would love to get rid of iTunes but no idea how to replicate my existing setup.

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