Keep Your Inbox Organised By Using A Set Amount Of Labels

Keep Your Inbox Organised By Using A Set Amount Of Labels

If you’re a Gmail user, you probably make use of the label system to keep things organised. If you don’t, or even if you only label a few different emails, blogger JThomas suggests you label every incoming mail with a fixed number of labels.

Thomas’s main rule is simple: every incoming mail must hold one of the predefined labels. That means he can’t create new labels on the fly, and every email he receives has to get a filtered into one the labels he made. To do this, he uses a basic set of labels:

  • 2do
  • Admin
  • E-Commerce
  • Contact and Friends
  • Newsletters and Notifications
  • Reminder

It’s a simple system, but the way he uses labels ensures that all incoming mail is organised somewhere, and his system doesn’t get complicated with too many labels. The end result is that you can easily find what you’re looking for, and you don’t lose important emails that you don’t have time to reply to right away. Head over to Thomas’s blog post for a breakdown of what’s inside each of the labels.

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