This DIY GIant Sticky Note Drawing Table Puts Your Ideas On The Wall

Sticky notes are great for jotting down ideas or quick to-dos, but giant sticky notes are even better. What if you could have a whole table made of sticky notes that you could write and draw on, then peel them off and put them up on the wall when you want to? It's actually easy to build.

Instructables user audreyobscura collected some IKEA table legs, some plywood and a huge sticky note pad from the office supply store — the kind that usually gets mounted in office conference rooms. Best of all, once she collected the supplies, she assembled the table with tools you probably have around the house already (a screwdriver, a drill and some pliers.)

The end result, as you can see above, is a great brainstorming space, and when you finish a sheet, you can pull it off, hang it up on the wall, or file it away for later. You can just as easily use the space for art or fun, and replacing the pads once you've built the base is an easy matter. Sure, a whiteboard would be easier, but this lets you keep a documented history of your brainstorming and I think it's more fun.

Giant Sticky Note Table [Instructables]


    Pretty cool. Also, if you want to make a custom-sized sticky note pad it's pretty easy to do. Just get sheets of paper the size you want,stack them up and clamp them together with cardboard of ply on both sides near the top edge (to keep the edge straight and flat), then put rubber cement across the top edge (think of a paperback binding).

    Once the rubber cement dries, remove the clamps and ply, bingo - custom sized sticky note pad.

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      That's not a sticky note pad, just a notepad. Any DIY tips on replicating 3M's adhesive?

    ...or you could just mount the pad on the wall in the first place?

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