Noozy Picks Up The Zune's Music Player And Drops It On Android

Android: The Zune is one of our favourite non-iPod music players next to our smartphones. If you want to have the best of both worlds, Noozy brings the Zune's Windows Phone UI to your Android phone and adds some great additional features.The first thing you'll notice about Noozy is its design. It's essentially ripped directly from Windows Phone and the old Zune digital media players — but that's not a bad thing. As you play songs, you're treated to album art behind the player controls, and the text-based controls slide and swipe around the screen beautifully. Noozy also includes an equaliser, some additional audio controls and thousands of streaming internet radio stations you can tune into right on your phone.

Noozy also has widgets to control playback from your home screen, and the app automatically pauses and resumes playback when you disconnect and reconnect your headphones. The app may not be enough to sway us from PowerAMP, our favourite music player for Android, but if you're looking for a sharp-looking alternative, Noozy is worth a look.

noozy (free) [Google Play via dogsbark]


    So, how long 'til MS gets wind of this and it either disappears or gets renamed to "Zune for Android"?

    Actually the guy who made Launcher Pro also released a Zune Media clone about a year ago - Ubermusic ( ).
    His rendition is almost identical, and supports skinning, though isn't free.

      Unfortunately the developer of Launcher Pro and Uber Music has not been supporting his apps with updates for a very long time. I loved both his launcher and music player but have since moved on. Currently using N7 music player and loving it. :)

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