Upgrade Your Smartphone's Music And Podcast Abilities This Weekend

Smartphones are the go-to music player for most of us nowadays, but the built-in options aren't necessarily the best. This weekend, upgrade your listening experience with new apps, tricks and audio gear.

Get A Better Music Player

The default music player on your Android or iPhone only does so much. Fortunately, there are plenty of alternatives. On Android we prefer PowerAMP for its powerful equaliser, handy tag editor, broad file compatibility and many customisation options. On iOS, our top pick is actually the default player but good alternatives include Panamp for its amazing playlist support and Track 8 for its elegant Zune-like interface. If you prefer the Zune look but have an Android, Noozy offers the same style and plenty of great features.

Supplement With Streaming Apps

There are lots of choices for streaming music apps in Australia, and most come with mobile support. The catch? To get the mobile clients, chances are you'll have to be a paying subscriber. While some of us believe these streaming services have a long way to go before they can replace our music libraries, that doesn't mean streaming services don't work wonderfully as secondary collections.

Customise Your Podcasts

Music isn't the only thing to listen to on your smartphone. Podcasts are awesome, too. Listening to podcasts on your phone is so much better when you have a great app like Doggcatcher for Android or Downcast for iOS. Both apps allow you to create custom topic-based playlists so you essentially have on-demand talk radio stations at your fingertips. If you listen to a lot of podcasts, this is a great way to organise them and hear the latest on any topic that you choose.

Get A Great Pair Of Headphones

You generally listen to music and audio content on your smartphone when you're on the go, and its built-in speaker isn't going to cut it. Neither are the earbuds it came with, in most cases. You need a better pair. Fortunately we have our top picks as well as five great suggestions in our latest Hive Five. Regardless of what you pick, an external amplifier can improve the sound even more.

Happy Friday! Have a great weekend everybody.


    Hi - I think very highly of TubeBox for the iphone.
    Currently free at https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/tubebox-free-perfect-player/id554911672?mt=8
    or just search for it using the ios appstore.
    This app will use data "bigtime" since by default youtube clips are cached. Very Important to realize if you don't use wifi for your smartphone. It's another app that plays music from youtube, it is just so well done though IMO. cheers
    ps even if you use wifi I would double check mobile data access is switched off :)

    Appears the Noozy app might have fallen off the radar... links are dead and Google searches all point back to LH... with dead links :(

      Possibly your handset does not support it?

    Noozy drains battery like crazy. Beautiful though. I just use apollo

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