From The Tips Box: Facebook Malware, Long Receipts, Cleaning Up Crumbs

Lifehacker readers offer their best tips for avoiding Facebook malware, archiving big receipts, and cleaning up crumbs after eating in bed.

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Use an Incognito Window to Avoid Facebook Malware

Wendell learns a lesson about shady internet usage:

I was recently downloading some MP3s off of a...ahem...shadier corner of the internet, and I got a message from my friend letting me know that I had apparently "liked" a porn star on Facebook (which I did not do). It was undoubtedly one of the sketchy sites I had been visiting earlier, and despite my judgment of those that get tricked by Facebook malware, I myself had been a victim too. My solution? I just use an Incognito Window (or Private Browsing, for Firefox) whenever I start browsing some shadier parts of the internet. That way I'm not logged into Facebook or any other sites, so at least they can't trick me that way.

Obviously you should still use common sense, since you could stumble upon a real virus, but let's be honest...a lot of us don't exactly practice what we preach.

This is a neat trick, although our advice would be to just stay off those shadier sites altogether. However, I know a lot of you won't listen to that advice, in which case an Incognito Window is a good way to keep yourself a bit safer from similar embarrassments.

Photograph Long Receipts with Your Phone's Panorama Mode

Pyr0lite shares a clever trick for receipt digitisation:

Do you have a new iPhone 5 and an extra long receipt? The iPhone panoramic photo may be just what you need to store it easily. It takes a few tries to get it right, but it's definitely a lot easier to archive your extra long receipt than scanning it. Give it a try.

Use a Lint Roller to Pick Up Crumbs

Jvanderh shares a dirty little secret (and a solution to a common problem):

I'm a shameless bed eater. (In my defence, I don't have much other furniture). A lint roller does a good job of picking up crumbs from the comforter.

Photo by musicmoon.

Use a Guitar Capo as a Smartphone Stand

Samuel McGauhey discovers another impromptu phone stand:

I used my guitar capo to stand up my phone in a pinch the other day, while taking a video. Now it's my go-to phone stabilisation device. I has just enough pinching power that it's useful in a wide variety of positions but just enough give an cushioning that I don't worry about it cracking the screen.

I imagine this would be a good impromptu stand when you're reading guitar tabs off your phone... unless you need the capo.


    using private browsing is a no brainer really, with a lot of websites using social plug-ins etc that have you automagically logged in via facebook etc it is inevitable that something stupid will end up happening.

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