During A Move Make Sure A Tool Box Is The Last Item You Pack

There are so many little tasks at the last minute when moving such as removing a door from hinges to get furniture through that it makes sense to ensure your toolbox is the last thing you pack and the first item you unpack when arriving at your new home.

Image: Wonderlane

Reddit user grwwn points out other situations where having a toolbox handy helps keep moving stress to a minimum such as opening stuck windows and hanging or removing a nail. Along with a roll of toilet paper it will almost always find itself useful as the first thing you unpack.

When moving, make sure a tool box is the last thing you pack and the first thing off the truck [Reddit]


    what about the kettle and the tea bags? they've always been in the last in/first out box. Then if you can't find the toolbox, you can always have a cup of tea!

    This is a really helpful tip which I encourage homeowners to carefully keep in mind. This is because I had a personal experience myself during my most recent move uptown. Our toolbox seldom gets utilized, hence we simply dumped it into one of the boxes which we could not even recall exactly which one. When we reached the new place, we had to unfortunately face with a half-hanging garage door. We had to have everything unpacked before we finally managed to uncover the toolbox which was our saviour.

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