Convert A PCI-E X16 Video Card To Fit A X1 Slot With A Diamond Cutting Wheel

Russian software developer Mikhail Svarichevsky needed a a PCI-E x1 video card as all of the other PCI-E slots were occupied on his motherboard. PCI-E x1 video cards are available but can be pricier than PCI-E x16 versions so Mikhail used a rotary tool with a diamond cutting wheel to remove a tab from the circuit board of his x16 card to fit the x1 slot.

At first the operation didn't work as PCI cards indicate their size by shorting specific pins -- after researching which pins he needed to short Mikhail made this change and the hacked video card ran smoothly and has continued to run for over a year now with no problems.

This is one of those tricks you hope to never have to use, especially since the cost of PCI-E x1 video cards have come down in price since Mikhail originally cut his card, but it's useful to know just in case. See the source link below for more photos and a more detailed walkthrough of the process.

Upgrading videocard. Using a diamond cutting wheel. [Mikhail Svarichevsky via Hack-A-Day]


    Now that is a hack. Loved the article.

    Wouldn't a hacksaw have done the trick?

      It would of, but it would be alot messier and more of a pain to do.

    Or you could use the rotary tool to carefully remove the end stop on the PCI-E x1 slot on your MB. However that requires precision and patience.
    Check out:

    Couldn't he just have cut the plastic end off the main board connector?

      Possibly but his motherboard was still under warranty so he cut the card instead.

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