Windows 8 On An 82-Inch Touch Screen [Video]

Forget this 4-inch nonsense. You haven't used a touchscreen until you've played with 82 inches running Windows 8.

Perceptive Pixel creates large touchscreen technology products and recently got acquired by Microsoft. At 82 inches its mega display is one of the largest touchscreen surfaces in the world, and the only two in Australia right now are at at TechEd 2012.

Attendees can visit the show floor and try out the same display that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has in his office. The display supports up to 10 simultaneous touch points as well as pen support if you want to create an artwork or take notes. It also supports up to four stylus points simultaneously for that collaborative artwork or note taking session.

Naturally at 82” the price tag is a little steep for most, Perceptive Pixel also offer 55” and 27” versions that may fit into your budget a little better. Sit back, relax and enjoy one minute with this big-screen monster.

Music: Origami Repetika

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Disclosure: Jason Cartwright is attending TechEd 2012 as a guest of Microsoft.


    So what is the price? It's never damn mentioned!

    Its the usual... "If you have to ask the price then its too expensive for you"

    Seriously though, they are really expensive!!

    I want this, on my bathroom mirror, on every table in the house. This is the future, took 12 years longer than predicted but we are almost there

    If anyone is still interested, the cost of an 82" interactive Perceptive Pixel touchscreen is $87,000.00.

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