Ninefold Offers Hosted Windows Server 2012 Templates For Easy Virtual Machines

Windows Server: Trying out Windows Server 2012 is free, but that's not the only option for setting it up. Australian cloud service provider Ninefold recently updated its rapid deployment templates to include Windows Server 2012, allowing customers to quickly create their own hosted virtual machine instances in Ninefold's Australian data centres.

The addition of Windows Server 2012 follows its official rollout last week. Ninefold also updated templates for several other platforms at the same time, including SQL Server 2012, Fedora, Ruby and a complete LAMP stack. Using a predefined template makes for a quicker rollout on a hosted instance than having to define every parameter yourself.

"There is a lot of interest out there for Server 2012 templates," Ninefold managing director Peter James told Lifehacker. "People want to use it."

While enterprise rollouts of new server platforms typically involve a long test period before development, that isn't necessarily the case when virtualised versions of the same platform are available. "The thing we're finding brt the cloud is that people want to get into production pretty quickly rather than focusing on test and development," James said. "That's one of the reasons why templates are important, because it gets them there sooner. We're not seeing large enterprise takeup yet, but that's not our target." Templates are charged per hour or at a flat rate, depending on your choice of hypervisor.



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