Meet David Klemke: One Of Lifehacker’s Windows Server 2012 Bloggers For TechEd 2012

You might not know me. In fact, the odds of that are pretty high unless you’re a fellow resident of our nation’s capital. However, if you’ve been reading Lifehacker over the past week the chances are you know my face.

That’s right: I’m the funny looking guy who donned a monocle and top hat in the hopes of covering TechEd 2012 for Lifehacker Australia. ((Technically it was a Fedora; my top hat is nowhere to be found.) It seems my plan worked and for the remainder of the week I’ll be bringing you coverage of all the latest developments from the showroom floor.

So who am I? I’m a long-time veteran of the Canberra IT scene, having worked my way up from the doldrums of the call centre up to my current position as a senior technical consultant for Dell. My primary specialisation is in virtualisation and automation which, I believe, is why I’m so excited by cloud computing and everything it has to offer. I’ve worked in all sorts of environments ranging from small organisations with only a handful of users to large scale, multi-national organisations with seat counts in the tens of thousands.

Suffice to say I’ve seen pretty much every corner of the IT world and hopefully that experience will help me distil the best bits of TechEd 2012 for you. On top of that, I’m trusting my 4ish years as a lowly rambling blogger will make me somewhat coherent although I wouldn’t completely count on it 😉

TechEd 2012 is shaping up to be the year when Microsoft makes serious inroads into cloud computing, and Windows Server 2012 is going to be a key part of that. I’ve long been a proponent that the end game for cloud computing for many enterprises will be some form of hybrid solution, and I’m really excited to see that there are several sessions planned for TechEd 2012 covering this very topic. I’m also looking forward to diving deep into PowerShell V3.0 as V2.0 has been indispensable and the feature jump in the last iteration has me really excited for what V3.0 will bring.

I’m really looking forward to bringing you my reflections from TechEd 2012. Should you be attending as well there feel free to come over and say hi or send me a tweet. I’ll be the one wearing the ridiculous hat (but only if you’re nice to me!).

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