Learn To Code By Watching Others Write Scripts

One of the best ways to learn to program, besides tinkering with scripts yourself, is to take a look at code examples from other people. TheCodePlayer has a great take on that, with video walkthroughs of cool stuff being created from scratch.

The videos show the code being written on the left side of the page and the changes happening on the right. You can also change the code yourself and see how that affects the scripts. I recommend switching the playback speed to 5x instead of the default 10x if you're just getting started.

Currently there are about two dozen walkthroughs demonstrating things you can do with Javascript, CSS and HTML5. Some popular examples include making a stopwatch with CSS3 (no images or Javascript), making an accordion-style slider in CSS3, and making a particle system in HTML5 canvas.

Check out the site if you want to see some neat scripts in action and maybe learn a new trick or two. TheCodePlayer is in alpha right now, so hopefully there will be many more videos in the future.

TheCodePlayer [via Webmonkey]


    Sorry, but HTML and CSS should not be considered coding. They are declarative markup languages and this site only works because you can see a corresponding visual update with almost every modified line. For real (non-declarative) programming languages which involve some procedural logic and control flow, this would not work anywhere near as well.

      You must be fun at parties

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